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Animation Production

Base Calloborate with leading animation company in North America and Europe to provide service animation production

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IP Development

BASE developes IP (Intellectual Property) for both domestic and international markets.

In year 2017 and 2018, BASE have create two IPs and presented in Asian Animation Summit event in Brisbane, Australia and Seoul, South Korea

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One of the fundamental objectives of BASE is to promote the animation industry in Asia, especially Indonesia.

As one form of achieving this goal, BASE cooperation with institutions of higher education, secondary vocational schools and educational institutions such as Djarum Foundation.

About Us

BASE Studio (Bali Animasi Solusi Ekakarsa) is a professional 3D Animation studio located in Bali, Indonesia. We officially launched our practice in July 2015, since then have grown to a 297 staff studio producing multiple shows for both domestic and international markets.

Our portfolios including the popular shows Sonic Boom (for Technicolor in US), Tomonews (or Next Animation Studio Taiwan), Luna Petunia (for Brain Power Studio in Canada), Vampirina (for Brown Bag Films Ireland), Petualangan Si Unyil (for PFN Indonesia). Our business focuses on production services, IP creation, and educational consultancy service.

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Our Service

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Animation Production

BASE collaborate with leading animation companies in Asia, North America and Europe to provide service of animation production.

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IP Development

BASE develops IP (Intellectual property) for both domestic and international markets. In 2017 and 2018, BASE have create two IPs and presented in Asian Animation Summit event in Brisbane, Australia and Seoul, South Korea.

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BASE cooperates with educational institutions (such as vocational schools, polytechnics and universities) to develop qualified human resources for CG animation industry in Indonesia.

BASE also works together with Bali Creative Industry Centre (BCIC) Denpasar to design and deliver professional training classes of CG animation.

Our Work

Animation Service

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IP Development

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Contact Us

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat  No. 379
Padangsambian Klod,
Denpasar Barat, Denpasar,
Bali 80117

Phone : + 62 361 8476274
+ 62 361 8476312


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    •  Create animation sequences as assigned by the Supervisor/Director

    •  File management – organize work/files efficiently

    •  Remain current and up-to-date in animation techniques

    • Meet assigned animation quota


    •  Have understanding of general animation, character animation, and lip-syncing

    • Understanding of modeling and lighting skills

    • Have knowledge of 3D software preferable Autodesk MAYA

    • Strong compositional skill is proffered but not essential

    • Good understanding of character posing

    • Able to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas

    • Able to multi-task and prioritize

    • Thrive in a high pressure , deadline oriented environment

    • Enjoy working in teams and is good at following directions


    • Create animation sequences as assigned and directed by the Supervisor / Director

    • Produce good quality work – through well planned thought process

    • Manage work quotas and meet assigned work responsibilities based on workflow and schedule

    • Remain current and up to date in animation techniques

    • Train, mentor or supervise the work of entry and mid level animator


    • Willing to be located in Denpasar, Bali for full time
    • Minimum 3 years of experience in 3D animation
    • Advance using Maya is a must
    • Strong knowledge of basic principles of animation : timing, body mechanics, acting, lipsync, etc
    • Good communication and teamwork skills
    • Receptive to constructive feedback and willingness to work through an iterative process

    • Expertise of standard 3d vfx software such as Autodesk Maya. Be able create fx rig and simulate particle system in Autodesk Maya (Dynamic & nDynamic) is a must. Expertise in Houdini and Real flow is a plus.
    • Expertise of standard 2d vfx software such as Adobe After Effect.
    • Experience using Redgiant Trapcode Suite plugins is a must.
    • Good eye for artistic detail, such as light, shadow and texture.


    • Visual effects deals with visuals so learning to look at things and study them is a basic requirement.
    • Understand the artistic and technical principles of the areas you’re working in.
    • Be able to take direction and be willing to address constructive feedback
    • Have good communication skills
    • Have good team-working skills
    • Have good problem-solving skills
    • Be able to deliver on schedule, working calmly and efficiently under pressure
    • Show respect for the procedures and requirements of a particular studio, production or pipeline

    • Create complex Models as assigned by the Supervisor/Director

    • File management – organize work/files efficiently

    • Actively participate in script read-through and suite meetings offering thoughts and ideas

    • Remain current and up-to-date in Modeling techniques

    • Meet assigned weekly animation quotas


    • 6 months – 1 year experience as Junior Modeller (or equivalent)

    • Intermediate understanding of general Modeling, rigging, and texture mapping

    • Intermediate knowledge of 3D software preferably Autodesk MAYA

    • Degree/diploma in fine arts or animation or equivalent experience

    • Able to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas

    • Able to multi-task and prioritize

    • Able to thrive in a high pressure, deadline oriented environment

    • Enjoy working in teams

    • Able to follow directions well

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